What is an artist? Somebody who cares insanely a lot about aesthetics.

Why we are all artists

Contrary to popular belief, I believe we are all artists in one way or another. For example we all have certain aesthetic tastes. Even when it comes to shopping or consumerism or materialism, we all have our own preferences.

We are raised and taught not to be choosy. But as artists, we must become more choosy.

Why I keep changing the design my blog

Aesthetics are insanely important to me. For example, I’ve discovered that I have a deep passion for topography. Certain types of fonts I find insanely beautiful, while others not. I love fonts which are elegant, timeless, classic, and have style and panache. Noto serif SC and Futura as two of my favorites.

Nerds don’t care for aesthetics 

Why was Steve Jobs so great? Because he was not a nerd. Steve Jobs was an artist who cared insanely about aesthetics. For example, if it was not for Steve Jobs, the modern desktop probably would not have beautiful fonts. Also, if it was not for Steve Jobs, we would not have beautiful smart phones, like the iPhone. Remember before the iPhone, all smart phones were those stupid ugly looking windows designed ones? And all PCs that came before Steve Jobs were those ugly beige blocks?

Kanye West

When it comes to modern design, Kanye West and Virgil Abloh were the dynamic duo. They both had an internship together at Fendi, and cocreated many great designs. Off-white, and a lot of Kanye West Yeezy designs I believe probably came out of their co collaboration.

How did Adidas get so cool?

Essentially Kanye West is the solo reason that Adidas became cool. Before that, I remember as a kid growing up Adidas was the second distant cool brand after Nike. But nowadays, it seems that Nike is starting to lose out on innovation. The only thing Nike really has going for it is their Air Jordan brand, where they just keep putting out retro designs from the past. No great new future designs. Also, their coke collaborations with lots of popular current musical artists is just a way to write off the fan base of their co collaborators. Nothing new.

Compare this with Kanye West and Yeezy. All the Yeezy sneakers are insanely different, and very futuristic. In the long run, I think Nike will always be popular, but in terms of innovation and coolness, Yeezy and Adidas will probably be on top.

Art is the future

When Apple and iPhone first blew up, and when Jony Ive was still at Apple, there was the rise of the designer. Now that we have all established that design and industrial design is very important, I see the next grade beginning is that of artists. Photographers as artists and visual artists, and visual artist in general, and artist of all types.

If you generalize it, art just means technique and approach. Therefore everyone has a different type of art. There is an art to business, an art to marketing, an art to music, an art to acting, and art to sculpture, and an art to everything.

Prioritize art as number one.