What makes certain aesthetics beautiful or not?

The biological one

For me the obvious answer is first knowing that the origin of all beauty and aesthetics is the biological one that is, beauty and aesthetics is ultimately linked with evolutionary purposes. For example, much of human morphology is based on genetic fitness.

Beauty in art

Then comes the question, what is the beautiful in context of art? my theory is that it is based on composition, and proportions. And I think this is somehow linked to biological fitness, based on proportions of human physiology.

Beauty towards what ends?

I believe the end of beauty and aesthetics is towards reproduction, and procreation. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how beautiful your home or possessions it is, if you don’t consider your body beautiful, then it is all for naught.

For example, I wouldn’t want to be the ugliest man on earth, even if it made me the richest man on earth. perhaps this is the ethos and the artistic taste of the artist. What does it mean to be an artist? To love beauty and aesthetics.

Is there an upper ceiling to beauty?

Perhaps this is our artistic ambition and what fuels us. That is, to create ever beautiful things. We are not interested in the static. Rather, we are interested in creating the new.

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