What is the Best Car Color?

Something I thought about for a long time, that is what is the best car color?

The simple answer is red. Why? My theory:

Red is the color of blood, lust, power, and attention.

Why did the ancient Spartans go to war wearing red capes? Simple: it was designed to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

The woman in the red dress

If you watch the matrix, do you remember that scene of the woman in the red dress? Yes. That is because red is the ultimate eye popping color. if you want to be seen, red is your best friend. Consider women’s lipstick, typically speaking, the redder the better.

Yeezy red Octobers

What is probably the most interesting and most coveted pair of sneakers? Probably the original Yeezy red Octobers which Kanye West designed with Nike. Why? Ultimate all blood red. This is what people love. even when it comes to Kanye’s new Yeezy apparel, he will probably never again make all red Yeezy sneakers. Why? It is too obvious. Everyone knows that all red sneakers attract the most attention.

Do you want to be seen or hidden?

This is something I think about: do people want to be low-key and stealth, or do they want to be flashy and noticed? certainly it depends on the individual, but it is important that you know for yourself.

One thing I’ve personally discovered for myself is that I am hyper sensitive to color. That means I am easily distracted by colors and I don’t like wearing red sneakers because it distracts me when I’m walking. Also, I would rather people notice me for my personality that my outward apparel. Just for me, all black everything is the best luck.

We feel the pain more readily when we see red losses, then we see green gains.

If you’ve ever been addicted to trading, or investing speculation, you know that I lost hurts 100 times more than a gain. For example, it hurts far more to lose $100 at the casino then to win $100. in this way, logically gambling makes no sense, because at the casino the odds are stacked against you, and the upside of gains is inferior to the high likelihood of losses.

Red is the color of danger or warning

When I look at all my photos, what are the best color photos? All of my red photos. I think my red photos tend to be more memorable, because we are hardwired to be afraid of the color red. Blood red, or if you see red blood in real life, you know how frightening it is. Your blood is so hyper red, it is impossible not to pay attention.

Why are stop signs red?

The reason why stop signs are red is because it is the color we are least likely to ignore. It is 1 trillion times more dangerous to run a red light than to mistake a green light for go.

Why does Superman wear a red cape?

Once again, red is the ultimate color for power. If you want to seem attractive, maybe it is best to go to the club wearing all red.

Do you own a car for practical purposes, or for attention?

Nobody by the car for practical purposes. Buying a car is always an extension of your ego. then maybe the optimal course is whenever you have a choice, buy the red car.