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ASAP (As Small as Possible)

With design– small, compact, and light is the apex:

A random thought I had this morning:

Remember back in the day, when Steve Jobs was still alive, the obsession was always about making the technology smaller, thinner, and lighter?

For example, when the MacBook Air was first released (Manila Envelope) it caused people’s jaws to drop. And every new iPhone and iPad– the goal wasn’t necessarily to make it faster, ‘better’, or ‘more technological’ — the goal was to make it thinner, lighter, and actually smaller/more compact (remember the iPod Mini, then the iPod Nano?)

Now the strange thing:

We seem to be wanting ‘bigger and better’ — even when it comes to the company that used to eschew the concept (Apple).

For example, the new iPhone Pro (Max, and the normal size) — why do they keep making iPhones bigger? In-fact, I find the iPhone “Mini” to be the best iPhone by far, and it is an extremely delightful piece of technology (it always surprises me when I am able to text with one hand, reach all the screen easily with one hand, or even use it with my left [less dominant] hand!)

So thinking about design and the future, and almost everything in-between (in terms of your phone, car, home, etc) —

Strive to have it as small as possible (ASAP) and also as powerful/capable/’high quality’ as possible.

For example, my extreme love and delight in these ‘luxury’ minimalist apartments (I prefer having less square footage in my apartment, but with more conveniences, more light, higher ceilings, and better insulation/warmth/technology and design).

Similarly speaking, with Tesla, the Model 3 is certainly probably the best Tesla car in the entire lineup (can squeeze through narrow intersections, easiest to park, etc).

Thus with design– strive for smaller, lighter, more compact … yet the apex of quality!



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