It seems the modern trend is towards minimalism — minimalism in appearance, in possessions, in lifestyle, etc. Essentially minimalism as the noveau elitism — only the rich and wealthy can afford to be minimalist. For example, note that when traveling, the poor tend to travel with LOTS of suitcases — just in case they need something while traveling. Whereas the rich can just buy it, just in case.

But this is my critique:

One should not be minimalist in everything.

There are some domains in which it is good to be minimalist, and also some domains in which it is good to be maximalist. Some thoughts:

Self negation or self expansion?

This is the difference:

The purpose of minimalism is to minimize the unnecessary superfluous stuff and actions in your life in order to maximize your artistic and creative flourishing and output.

Once again — it ain’t minimalism for minimalism sake. It is minimalism in order to maximize your artistic production!

Too much consistency in life is bad.

Convictions are prisons. A foolhardy conviction towards minimalism for the sake of minimalism is foolish. We should only harness minimalism when it serves our needs — wise minimalism is the goal. Minimalism towards a more beautiful and prosperous end.


Less is Better

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