In Praise of Editing Photos on iPad

I believe all photographers will benefit hugely from owning an iPad. Even the cheapest one is fine — only $329!

Why iPad? Well, after experimenting with all the different ways of editing and selecting flagging photos, I get the most joy from using iPad to look through my photos. Why?

First of all, it feels more intimate to be “holding” your photos in your hands when you’re viewing them on an iPad.

Secondly, you can look at your photos while standing, instead of being hunched over a laptop or screen. Less likely to have back pain. And also I find that when you’re standing, you’re actually more engaged and metabolically active.

Third, the integrated Apple photos editing feature is great. It works very well and is uber simple. And when you “favorite” your photos, if all syncs on Apple Photos/Camera Roll/iCloud super well!

Fourth, because using iPad makes it more streamlined to edit and review your photos, you will increase your editing productivity. To not lag behind reviewing your photos. To edit your photos more effectively.


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