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Amazon is Walmart 2.0

The funny thing:

A lot of liberals and left-leaning Silicon Valley folks and the ‘intelligentsia’ crowd are all hooked on Amazon (Kindle, Amazon Prime, Whole Foods, etc) yet they see Walmart as evil.

But how little do they realize that Amazon is just Walmart 2.0 — Walmart with a good conscience.

Do you really care for the Amazon workers?

DON’T LIVE IN FEAR // Chatting with an Amazon Delivery Worker

I find it huuuugely fake when a lot of liberals and left-leaning folks are so Anti-Amazon and their ‘unfair working conditions’ when they still own an Amazon account, still shop at Whole Foods (owned by Amazon) or order stuff on their Kindle. Talk is cheap. Better to see how people act rather than what they say.

Once again:

If you were really anti-Amazon, you would cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

Same thing with intellectuals who binge watch Netflix, HBO, Amazon prime TV, Hulu, etc. Streaming shows, TV, movies is just Television 2.0. In other words:

One should not criticize the TV-watching behavior or the media-consumption behavior of others if one still has a Netflix account or (shared) subscription.


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