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For me, the true happiness originates in the body. Physiological happiness. The feeling of over-strength, hyper health, and physiological “power overwhelming”.

What does this look like?

Home workout

This means:

  1. Lots of muscle
  2. Great physique (you love the way you look)
  3. High muscle mass
  4. Low body fat percentage
  5. Propensity to move!
  6. Desire and joy of movement, running, playing, skipping, etc.

Hyper-energy all day.

My Home Workout with Dumbbells

I think the big thing is this:

I want to have physiological ‘power overwhelming’ all-day, until I sleep.

In an ideal world:

From morning until dawn, I am hyper-active. Then comes dinner (when I break my fast, typically around 6-8pm), then I eat a shitload of meat, then sleep happy!

Perhaps we are born to be hyper-active

Isn’t this sad? When we are kids, we are discouraged from being hyper-active.

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