Seize your opportunity! With all this craziness, think:

This is my chance and opportunity to seize it — and benefit from it!

For example, let us say you gotta work from home. That is great! You can milk your employer, and start building your business on the side [side-hustle]. You have MORE freedom working from home — no boss constantly peering over your shoulder. Isn’t this phenomenal?

Now is the time to travel?

The irony:

This actually might be the best time to travel.

Why? If you’re not over the age of 80, and if you don’t already have lots of pre-conditions in your health, you ain’t gonna die from any virus. This means —

  1. take advantage of cheap airfares
  2. take advantage of cheap hotels or airbnb
  3. take advantage of any good deals on foods or restaurants

I was chatting with a Starbucks barista, and they told me:

Now all the millennials are traveling — taking this chance to finally travel!

Now is the chance for you to [finally] start your website

Use this chance to start your website on and installing If you’re stuck at home, finally is your chance to hunker down and figure out how to build your own website, and to build and own your own platform!

The best reality show

We all like to watch reality TV, TV shows, movies, etc. But this whole pandemic thing–

Isn’t the real-life consequences hyper-fascinating?

For example, the streets are much more empty, just like the ‘I am Legend’ Will Smith movie. To me, it is a unique opportunity to walk the (empty) streets, and to finally hear the chirping of birds!

What does an empty mall look like?

Another fun thing for me–

Going to the mall when it is empty.

It is actually insanely zen. Nice and warm, high ceilings, nice sunlight. Nietzsche once said:

Hopefully one day in the future there will be huge indoor spaces for us to walk, think, and meditate (while being protected from the elements).

To me, this is the mall! An idea:

Mall street photography.

  • Mall street photography
  • Bounding boxes in red, for composition. Mall street photography


When life gives you shit, figure out how to profit!


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