To become more prolific means to make and produce more:

The question is this:

WHY become more prolific?

For myself, when I’m more prolific I’m happier, more joyful, and more excited to live!

for example my fun and joy of making illustrations on iPad and procreate:

Also, my joy of producing and giving birth to abstract images. iPad and procreate:

Fresh air

I am convinced — there is something about fresh air and the outdoors which gives genesis to new thoughts and creative spirits within myself!

Experiment with selfies and lighting

I’ve been having fun experimenting with lighting, by shooting selfies of myself in different directions. Perhaps there is something about light which gives birth to more creative power inside myself.

in an ideal world, I’d always be out and about during the day, with copious amounts of natural sunlight. Perhaps something in the heat, the light particles, the temperature, or something about natural light which gives me energy. Perhaps I’m like a plant — I need photosynthesis?

fast WiFi

this sounds basic, but having fast WiFi at home helps 10000x. Less disruption in my creative flow, and upflow, and uploading of my videos, photos, and publishing my artwork to my blog, website, and YouTube.

Small file sizes

Shooting smaller images. For example, medium sized JPEG. Or instead of 4K video, 1080p or 720p. What is more important is your ability to create without interruption, without kinks in the hose, and to stream fluidly!

also, when I shoot smaller file sizes, the benefits are:

  1. Faster buffering of files in camera
  2. faster file transfer to laptop
  3. faster upload
  4. faster processing of images (post upload)
  5. less time wasted to wait for your stuff to upload.

Flow is the goal!


For you to flow on, stream on, and keep producing. For fun, in the spirit of a child!

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