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Traveling as a Means to Discover More of Yourself

For myself, it seems the primary benefit of traveling, living nomadically, or being abroad is this:

Fewer distractions from back home. More focus on myself, my thoughts, and my creative work and ideas.

Learning about other cultures, or your own culture?

A big thing:

A lot of people travel to discover FOREIGN cultures. However, I see traveling in foreign places to better understand your own home culture.

For example, after traveling to Cuba for a week, I better understand America and capitalism — and find much more appreciation for things back home. Furthermore, I also can better critique American culture via traveling.

You can transcend your culture

You are a citizen of the world. Don’t let any culture define you. This is why the notion of “doing it for the culture” is insane. You should strive to create yourself and your own culture. And it can be your own culture; a culture of one.

Where to travel to?

There are a trillion places to travel to. But my thought is this:

Perhaps best to travel to a place where you can maximally DISCONNECT.

For offline thinking, I like:

  1. Havana, Cuba
  2. Hanoi or Saigon in Vietnam
  3. Mexico City (where I am currently writing this).

Is the goal to permanently be on the road?

I think the ultimate goal is:

Never stop moving, never stop progressing, never stop evolving, never stop growing, never stop creating/challenging yourself.

There is a great JAY Z song called “Onto the next one“. The basic notion is:

“It is all about progression. Loiterers should be arrested.”

selfie eye glasses

Standing still is death.





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