Create Your Own Culture

Better to be a leader than a follower.

Culture is society. Society breeds culture. Individuals within society create their own unique cultures, and co-create this new culture with other like-minded individuals.

I remember when I started photography, I hated the culture. Too much focus on pixel-peeping, zoom-ups on ‘corner fringing’ on brick walls, and too much focus on gear. I strove with all my might to be the ‘anti’ option– encouraging us to buy books, not gear, and for us to buy experiences, not stuff.

Know that it is in your power to create your own culture. Don’t strive to become cool by following other trends and cultures. Instead, focus on yourself, your own ideals, beliefs, and stay focused and concentrated on yourself. And of course, share your beliefs/thoughts and culture with others!

Create your own culture, and create your own future!


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