How to Gain Pleasure in Yourself

Focus on physical and mental self-development, and track your physical and mental gains.

We like to see change

My pleasure in myself — I gain more pleasure in myself, when I see something change and new within myself. To maximize pleasure in myself — we buy new things, as it is a more immediate way of seeing changes and difference in ourselves.

What drives our consumerism

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Also this is the desire to change our surroundings and environment (travel or gaining a new home, or re-decorating our homes), changing our physical appearance via clothes/shoes/watches/accessories and makeup, and also perhaps our desire to change our devices (we see our devices as an external manifestation of ourselves and our aesthetic tastes).

In praise of powerlifting

Deadlifting 420 pounds (four 45-plates on each side, with a 2.5+5 pounder)

Instead of buying a new BMW, Lamborghini, or a Tesla, use that money and time towards powerlifting and turning your own body into a Lamborghini (max muscles, max muscular strength). Instead of bragging about how much horsepower your car has, or your 0-60 speed, or 1/4 mile speed, better to brag about your one rep max deadlift or squat.

Lower your bodyfat percentage

Immense pleasure in seeing your bodyfat percentage go down. Best way is through intermittent fasting (no breakfast or lunch, just one big dinner meal a day), ketogenic diet (no carbs or starches), cold showers, and abstaining from alcohol, sugars, and fruit.

Also a pro-tip: powerlift while fasting.

Augment your mind

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First build your body, then build your mind.

Think turbo thoughts by reading much philosophy, by questioning social norms, and by acting and thinking differently.

Share your ideas on your own blog or YouTube channel.

Self-development is the goal!

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You are the end goal and the end product. Direct all your energies, powers, and efforts to augmenting yourself.