You’re the End Product. You’re the End!

A thought inspired by Cindy:

What if we should direct all of our powers to elevate ourselves?


In life I think we fall into the whole “self sacrifice”thing in order to do X, Y, Z. But what if this were a distraction? What if the goal should be for us to elevate ourselves to the maximum?

Selfish isn’t evil.

To do things which purely benefit ourselves isn’t evil. In fact, it might be one of the most selfless things we can do. In fact if your goal is extreme altruism, I think the goal should also be extreme selfishness.

Stay focused onto yourself.


If you’re the end product, the goal ain’t to make a trillion dollar company, or to make a trillion dollars, or gain a trillion followers.

The goal is to direct your own self-evolution to the max.


Why make yourself the end product?

  1. You have 100% control over yourself, your personal effort and results.
  2. Maximize your physical, artistic, and philosophical strength.
  3. No excuses or resentment.

Epic life goals for yourself?

Squat rack

Then comes the question:

What epic life goals do you have for yourself which aren’t dependent on others?

Basic ideas:

  1. Physical strength: Epic strength goals for deadlift, squat, bench press.
  2. Personal aesthetic goals: What muscle mass and body fat percentage you desire.
  3. Personal creativity productivity goals: How much you want to blog, photograph, produce videos, music, etc.
Legs selfie

New personal goals:

  1. 3 plate benchpress, 5 plate deadlift, 4 plate squat.
  2. New video and blogging productivity goals— 10x.
  3. 180 pounds of mostly muscle mass, less than 10% bodyfat.
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