Think Different.

To think different means:

  1. Don’t take the word of others for it. Test it for yourself.
  2. Have the courage to take on an opinion, view, or perspective that others might not like.
  3. When you hear the same opinion or sentiment repeated over and over again — start to get very suspicious of that line of thinking.
  4. For fun, strive to take on a “devils advocate” perspective, to test your own assumptions. Have the ability to adopt the position or perspective of someone who is anti you.
  5. Write about your thoughts, and publish them to your own website or blog. Don’t censor your thinking – be brave, ruthless, and brazen. Don’t worry about ruffing the feathers of others. In fact, if you do touch a nerve with others— it means your ideas are interesting.

You’re different

Hanoi, 2019

I think this is the key thing:

You’re different. Don’t strive to fit into a category. Don’t trap yourself. Don’t define yourself— let the world define you (and ignore their definitions, and carry on with your own life mission).

Assert yourself

You’re different. Allow yourself to thrive in how you’re different.

Think brave thoughts, and act bravely. This is the only life you got — why squander it?