Now What?

A thought:

  1. I am hyper-healthy
  2. I am hyper-strong
  3. I have much wealth
  4. I have succeeded in all of my life goals

The question is:

Now what?

Living life to 140

The first new goal:

Live life in hyper-health until age 140.


In the best of my abilities DON’T die before age 140.

Also, staying in hyper health.

What to do for the rest of my life?

cindy hand abstract

Now comes the question:

How shall I meaningfully leverage my human metabolism and life while I am still alive on planet earth?

My basic ideas:

  1. Continue to pave new sources of insight and knowledge.
  2. Continue to teach (teaching as highly under-rated). Essentially to TEACH is one of the highest things we can do as artist-philosophers (teacher as a ‘maestro'[master], and a doctor as one who teaches).
  3. Investing in the youth of the future: My life is finite. Best to leverage the current and future youth. They will continue to be the ones who will change the world. Also, the benefit of youth is that they are not yet corrupted or nihilistic. Harnessing extreme hope and optimism for the future.
  4. Continue to blog: Blogging as one of my passions, and primary interests. To discover NEW and innovative ways to blog and share ideas, and to push culture forward.
  5. Continually get stronger: New goals: 4 plate squat, 5 plate deadlift, 3 plate benchpress. Powerlifting as philosophy.

Things to NOT waste time or energy on

My laptop and ghetto standing desk
My laptop and ghetto standing desk in my kitchen
  1. Don’t care much for money.
  2. Don’t care much for winning external accolades or awards.
  3. Don’t hunt after anything I can’t do myself.
  4. Trying to discover what technologies and tools can truly help empower us, and which are distractions. A new vision on producerism.

Stay tuned for continual turbo thoughts.