True Wealth is Freedom!

People make the sucker mistake thinking that money is the ultimate wealth.

What is the real purpose of wealth? We don’t own money for the sake of owning money. If you were starving in a cell, and had a trillion dollars sitting next to you, and you couldn’t trade the money for food– obviously you’re not going to be ‘rich’. The only purpose of money in modern society is to trade money for items, tools, housing, food, experiences, and things.

Then comes the question–

What is the greatest human good?

My belief:

The highest human good is freedom!

Freedom to think what you want to think, the freedom to do what you want to do, the freedom over your time-schedule-mind, and the freedom of self-expression and self-creation.

So once again friends–let us not get suckered and deceived.

Money as a ROAD and a BRIDGE in order to achieve maximal freedom/control in your life.

Never control freedom/control in your life for more money– this is the ultimate trap.