🌊Water Photography Assignment and Tips

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Dear friend,

Happy Monday! To get you going for this week photographically speaking, this week’s photo assignment is WATER.

Why water?


I just came back from a 5-day cruise (highly highly recommend it), and loved the feeling of being at sea, and surrounded by water. In-fact, seeing the vast ocean was insanely inspirational to me.


It reminded me of just how big the world was, and how much we have yet discovered or explored!

Water photography tips


Simple ideas:

  1. Go to the nearest ocean, beach, or water-front. Drive and park your car, take an Uber, or take public transit. Walk around the boardwalk, the pier, and just photograph what you see!
  2. If you have a chance to travel (TRAVEL NOTES), I encourage you to go on a cruise! You can search cruises on Expedia, or book it through Carnival
  3. Photograph the ocean, the skies, or the people at the beach.
  4. Experiment shooting either black and white (high contrast) or color. Both are good.
  5. Do crops of interesting water formations you see. 
  6. Photograph cups of water, or swimming pools. You can interpret ‘water’ in any form! Use this as a chance to be creative!

With your best WATER photos, upload them to arsbeta.com to receive feedback!



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A new e-magazine designed and written when I was on the cruise (without wifi).

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Concluding ideas

Right now is the best time to be alive. Digital photography, digital technologies enable you to become the ultimate visual-artist-philosopher!

Never stop making. All creative forms of self-expression are good (writing, singing, dancing, music, photography, video, illustrations, etc). Make more, and share more (on your own website/blog).


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