Freedom over Happiness

A thought while napping today:

I believe freedom (control over your life) is more important than ‘happiness’.

Let me explain:

Why freedom over happiness?

The taste of steak is great in Matrix (but it isn’t real)

This is what I think:

A lot of people are ‘happy’ (herd-like cow-like happiness) but have no control over their lives.

A cow can be happy in a slaughter lot. Do you want this kind of happiness? Of course not!

The red pill or the blue pill?


Would you rather:

  1. Take the red pill, discover the ‘true reality’ and be miserable (yet free) OR
  2. Take the blue pill, stay within ‘false reality’ and be happy (but unfree)?

For myself, I would choose the red pill. Better to have a life of pain, suffering, but knowing the truth of reality (and being free), instead of being “happy” (freedom from pain) but have no freedom.

Why freedom?



Freedom from having to go into a 9-5 job. Freedom from ’employment’.

The first step: become self-employed (entrepreneurship). This means you gain real control over your life. Better to earn $20,000 a year and have total freedom over your life (while living in Saigon or Hanoi) instead of earning $2 million a year and not having any control over your life.

When in doubt, choose freedom over happiness!