Creative Cycling

A thought:

Perhaps to maximize our creativity, we should cycle.

Cycle between the cameras we use, cycle with our different focal lengths, cycle with our aesthetic (color or monochrome, or post-processing style) and cycle with the places we live.

Essentially — the idea is to never desire stasis, and to never desire staying the same/consistency/predictability/sameness.

Why I don’t like owning stuff

I don’t like to own things because no matter how good of something I buy, I’ll always get bored of it (gear adaptation syndrome) and will desire something else.

In fact, I’d love it if I could have some sort of subscription service where I could just use a different camera every month, a service where I could use a different car every month, use a different smartphone every month, and different clothes/fashion every month.

And I think in life, flux, cycling, and randomness/inconsistency is a good thing — it stimulates us to constant creativity and creative productivity/output.

Nothing is forever

RICOH GR II x Flash Green water rain

It is physiologically impossible to enjoy anything indefinitely unto perpetuity. No matter how good our food, climate, location, drink, sex, material goods, lifestyle, etc we have — it will sooner or later lose its luster.

I think we should never get suckered into thinking that indefinite perfection is what we should seek in life. I don’t desire to live in the same “perfect” house for the rest of my life, the same “perfect” neighborhood, or have the same “perfect” lifestyle for the rest of my life. As with food— we only enjoy it through intermittent fasting and hunger. We cannot enjoy life without danger, difficulty, and struggle. We need friction and challenges in life to become stronger. As a funny analogy — consider having sex without having friction.

Cycling my devices

I find to be more productive in blogging, I cycle between laptop, iPad, and phone. Typing on all these devices changes the way I write and blog, which is a good thing.

Also with photography I like to cycle between processing my photos on Lightroom CC on my iPad and laptop. Switching up my workflow is beneficial to unlocking some new creative pathways in my brain.

Perhaps it seems like even in photography switching up between different cameras, focal lengths, lenses, devices (phone, film camera, stand-alone digital camera) can be beneficial.

Cycling between walking, sitting, standing

Another thought — perhaps to be more productive and creative there is a benefit to cycle between standing, sitting, and walking/running. If you’re a tech worker, try to cycle between all of these things for optimal health.

Cycle your workouts

Also with physical fitness, cycle between powerlifting, yoga, body weight exercises, and kettlebells for the ultimate strength. The point isn’t to just stick to one — aim for all, to maximize your strength.

Cycle your food

Some days go vegan and some days go pure carnivore. Some days drink a lot of coffee and other days tea (some days try not to have any caffeine — God forbid).

Cycle between your food, protein choices, and veggies. Perhaps optimal health is to constantly cycle — monotony in food is bad.

Also perhaps a combination of intermittent fasting and intermittent feasting is ideal. Don’t eat anything during the day (no breakfast or lunch) but totally indulge for dinner (eat a meat-heavy buffet). Perhaps some days go 0 carb, but some days go super high-carbs (I think this is called “carb cycling”). But perhaps some days we should also go “protein cycling”— some days eat tons of protein, and other days try to eat very little protein. Or cycle between plant proteins and meat proteins.

Location cycling

Perhaps this is why living a more intermittent/nomadic lifestyle is good —

Never live in the same place for too long.

By living in different places, you always stay sharp. You constantly must learn from new cultures, new peoples, new languages, experience new foods, and new modes of living. Perhaps this will allow us to live the happiest/most productive life.