Is a Nomadic Life a Happier Life?

I’ve always been seeking the “perfect” or ideal lifestyle. So far, it seems to be living “intermittently” in different spaces, cities, and countries, for indeterminate periods of time. But is this a “better” life, or more ideal life, and for who?

Mexico City selfie, 2019

I cannot speak for others, but I would certainly say I’m happier (elevated mood), and more productive (artistically and creatively) when I have a more chaotic, random, uncertain, uncomfortable, simple, and focused (less distracted) living conditions.

But is a nomadic life best for everybody? Or for all individuals? My thoughts:

  1. It seems that most people like some degree of novelty, adventure, and spontaneity in life (note how people like the randomness and joy of chance in gambling, slot machines).
  2. Some people are more fearful, timid, and risk-averse than others. This isn’t their “fault”— it is how they were raised by their society, parents, and culture. But it is hard to retrain old dogs. Thus, if a person doesn’t want to change, they are probably incapable of a nomadic and more risky/adventurous/uncertain existence.

Thus, a nomadic lifestyle isn’t ideal for everyone. But should it be ideal for everyone? This is a trickier question.

Who benefits from a nomadic life?

Mexico City, 2019

I believe if your goal is to become the most epic individual possible, I believe a nomadic lifestyle is ideal for your own self-development, growth, and evolution.

This is why I believe so:

  1. Fewer distractions of material goods (less concern about buying stuff, buying a home, being weighed down)
  2. Ideally you’re self-employed or “financially independent” (less money, but more freedom). Thus you only engage in activities and pursuits which interest you, and your own self-development.
  3. Living nomadically (intermittently in different locations, for uncertain periods of time) is a good stimulus to activity (walking much everyday) and learning much. My mind seems to be more nimble, childlike, and open when I’m living abroad or on the road. Thus, I get more interesting thoughts, ideas, and I ask myself more interesting questions.

You decide.

Mexico City, 2019

You have the power to dictate your own lifestyle. Live in accordance with your own needs, desires, and ambitions. Never let anything or anyone else get in your way — certainly yourself!

Take epic risks,


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