Could You Live a Happy Life if You Could Never Shoot Photos or Travel Ever Again?

A thought I had while at the gym:

If you could never shoot photos or travel ever again– could you live a happy life?

Many of us seek happiness via photography or through traveling. But what if one day the devil came to us and cursed us, which never allowed us to shoot photos ever again, nor travel away from your own home city. Would you still be able to live a happy life?

I think so!

There are MANY different ways to be happy in life!

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself in discovering happiness only through photography or travel. I believe if you want to desire the fullest extent of happiness in life, you discover happiness by doing many different things– many different activities, regardless of your situation.

For example, I am happiest when I am creating. When I am creating blog posts, videos, beats, writing, creating poetry, and thinking.

This will give you a ‘full stack’ approach to life:

You aren’t just dependent on 1-2 things for your personal happiness in life; your choices are unlimited!

Visual artistry

This is why I like the idea of being a ‘visual artist‘, instead of just a ‘photographer’. It allows you to use any sort of tool to make visual artwork, whether it is your camera, phone, tablet, pencil, paintbrush, or even through dance!

You’re an artist

For myself, a life without art isn’t a life worth living.

Anything we do consciously, with intention and effort is art.

You are creating art through your photography, through your writing, and through how you live your life.

Do any activity that improves your life, which empowers you, in an active and conscious way.

The joy of physical activity

Besides photography and blogging, my other main passion is weight-lifting, specifically ‘powerlifting’ style (deadlift, squat, heavy dumbbell presses — with a ‘one rep maximum’ approach). When I lift weights and push my limits, I get an other-worldly rush — it is the best drug.

I also get my best creative ideas while lifting weights, in the sauna, and also people-watching at the gym.

I think more photographers and visual artists should hit up the gym and deadlift (both male and female).

Can you discover happiness at home?

Imagine if you could never travel beyond your own hometown; if you could never travel either domestically or to foreign places. Could you still live a happy life? I think so!

Odysseus’ goal in life (in the Odyssey) was to return to his home of Ithaca, it wasn’t for him to become a ‘jet setter’ and see the world.

The notion of traveling as a status symbol or way to be “happier” in life is a very modern one. In-fact, the etymology of the word ‘travel’ means “painful and burdensome movement” (the word is ‘travailler‘ in French — to suffer).

I love to travel, and it has improved my life in countless ways. However, I think it is important for us not to become dependent on traveling in order to be happy in life. Traveling is still an enjoyable activity which will open your mind, but don’t bank on traveling to be the secret to happiness in life.

Creative constraints to living

Do a thought experiment:

What if this year, you weren’t allowed to make any photos, or travel. If so, how would you partake in pleasurable activities to contribute to your personal happiness?

What other passionate art-creation forms would you take up to replace photography?

If you currently have photographer’s block, perhaps the secret is to just intentionally force yourself to NOT shoot photos, to NOT allow yourself to make photos. If you don’t make photos and can still live a happy life, perhaps you don’t need photography in your life (which is totally OK!)

Fortunately you can still travel, make photos, and create art.

Don’t squander your opportunity to make art; it is the greatest gift known to man!


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