HAPTIC TURNS TWO! Haptic Anniversary Celebration

Two years ago, Eric and I (Cindy Nguyen) got married and officially launched HAPTIC INDUSTRIES with STREET NOTES and THE CITY OF ANGELS. Now HAPTIC is now in its terrible twos. We’re terribly excited to keep making art, building community, and sharing our love for education. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the love and inspiration to keep experimenting!

Latest Handmade Creations


HAPTIC hand makes limited edition creative tools. Here are our latest and proudest creations shipping worldwide from California. Pick one up before it’s too late!

  1. HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO  – exclusively available in HAPTIC shop
  2. ERIC KIM CASE – only 8 remaining, exclusively available in HAPTIC shop
  3. ERIC KIM PORTFOLIO BAG – only 4 remaining, exclusively available in HAPTIC shop
  4. SUITS by Eric Kim Hardcover Limited Edition Photobook – only 13 remaining
  5. MY FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK Children’s Hardcover Book – only 10 remaining
  6. SAIGON SATCHEL – only 8 remaining, exclusively available in HAPTIC shop
  7. HAPTIC ARTBOOK x ERIC KIM – only 2 remaining, exclusively available in HAPTIC shop

Limited Time Offer: Free Anniversary Gift

Celebrating a year of our artistic experiments!

Our mission at team HAPTIC is to respark your creative spirit, and for you to reach your artistic potential.

As a special thank you for your support, all leather or print book orders in the HAPTIC SHOP receive a surprise free anniversary gift (only while supplies last or until September 30, 2018!)

What is HAPTIC?

haptic bauhaus

HAPTIC makes creative tools to empower visual artists. From educational tools, art platforms (Eric Kim Forum, Hapticpress.com), to camera equipment, HAPTIC is driven by a spirit of experimentation and creative collaboration. We are a majority women led, family operated industry, and have great pride in everything we make.

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HAPTIC means ‘relating to the sense of touch and proprioception.’ HAPTIC honors the meaning of ‘touch’ by making artistic tools, educational resources, and collaborative platforms. HAPTIC also inspires the making of art that touches others and uplifts our spirits.

Selfie with Cindy in Saigon hotel with lipstick kiss in mirror. 2017
Cindy Nguyen. CEO of HAPTIC


(Thuy (Cindy’s mom) and Sukhee (Eric’s mom) talk about helping out on team HAPTIC.

Saigon Satchel

HAPTIC is not an anonymous factory. Our books and art are made, printed, sourced in California. Our leather products are 100% handmade in direct collaboration with Vietnamese artisans and artists Lan, Uyen and Khai. Cindy (and her mom Thuy when she’s on the road) personally packages your HAPTIC books, camera straps, art from California and ships anywhere in the world.

We believe in disrupting the production market for photography, art, and creative tools. We are transparent about the labor practices behind HAPTIC because we are proud and love everything we make.

Learn more about the story of our handmade products >

See the HAPTIC SHOP > (We ship worldwide from California)

See all our products on Amazon >


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For questions, contact Cindy at hapticindustries@gmail.com

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