STREET CLUB Summer 2018 Starts Now in the FORUM!

Head over to STREET CLUB Summer 2018 at the ERIC KIM FORUM to receive weekly challenges, learn to give and receive constructive critiques on your photos, and win prizes!

Push your photography, provide and receive constructive critique, and kickstart your photography with free STREET CLUB Summer School.

Week 1 Assignment: CAFE in the Forum >

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone

Continuing the successful STREET CLUB (Winter 2018) and  STREET CLUB (Summer 2017) we are launching a special HAPTICLABS SAIGON x STREET CLUB SUMMER 2018 School starting on July 2, 2018.

STREET CLUB is your photography learning community to motivate yourself to go out and shoot with specific assignments.

How do I join?

STREET CLUB is free and open to everyone. How to join:

  1. “Enroll” in the STREET CLUB: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY SUMMER SCHOOL by joining the Eric Kim Forum.
  2. Subscribe to ERIC KIM NEWSLETTER and you will get an email notification when the course starts!

Weekly Assignments and Critiques

An overview of STREET CLUB:

Starting July 2, 2018 each week on Monday, we will post assignments on the ERIC KIM FORUM to motivate everyone to go out and make new photos. Each assignment will be based off STREET HUNT. During the week, complete the assignment (go out and make new photos) and upload your 1 best photo from the week to the thread. Each photo you upload, you must provide constructive critique on 3 other photos uploaded. Feel free to add your own reflections on the assignment: What were your challenges and successes?

Challenge yourself and win prizes!

At the end of each week Eric Kim will post a video providing critique and choosing the best photo. On July 31, Eric Kim will choose the top two photos/critique. HAPTICLABS SAIGON (Eric Kim, Cindy Nguyen, Annette Kim, Jennifer Nguyen) have generously donated the following prizes to the top winners:

Grand Prize: Saigon Satchel + Haptic Press Books (Street Notes, Street Hunt, Photo Journal, Film Notes print editions) valued at 370+ USD

Featured: Saigon Satchel with Street Notes, Street Hunt, Photo Journal & Film Notes

Second Prize: Street Photography Starter Kit valued at 99USD

Third Prize: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Photography Online Udemy Course valued at 99USD

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Photography on Udemy!

HAVE FUN and just shoot it :)

Eric, Cindy, Annette, Jennifer


Use STREET HUNT as our school “textbook” to complete assignments, share photos and reflections, and receive feedback. It is not mandatory to purchase Street Hunt, but it would be useful and valuable to have a printed or mobile edition copy to follow along and write down notes.

If you can afford to purchase Street Hunt, pick one up in our HAPTIC SHOP (Print Edition / Mobile Edition) or on By purchasing Street Hunt, the proceeds also will go towards offsetting the price of Street Hunt for students who do not have the resources to purchase it themselves.

If you are a student and cannot afford to purchase Street Hunt, follow these instructions to receive a free copy of STREET HUNT MOBILE EDITION. (Limited to the first 50 students).

  1. Sign up and post to the free ERIC KIM FORUM 1 photograph and 3 constructive, honest, helpful critiques of other’s photographs.
  2. Send me an e-mail at linking to those posts.
  3. Complete this by July 15, 2018 and I will e-mail you a copy of Street Hunt Mobile Edition.

The summer school will begin July 2, 2018 and winners will be announced July 31, 2018.

Check out Frederik Trovatten’s review of Street Hunt in Mexico City.


A school without barriers, a platform to learn, a space of artistic and photographic empowerment.

Video Reviews from STREET CLUB SUMMER SCHOOL 2017


Week 1: 5 Yes, 5 No

Week 2: 10 NO’s

Week 3: Clean Background

Week 4: Subtract, Simplify

Week 5: Gestures

Week 6: Depth/Layers


Week 1: One arm length

Photo by @NIKH
Photo by @NIKH

Week 2: One square block

Photo by @Steef_Jordans

Week 3: Don’t move

Photo by @vickiseabrook

Week 4: Shoot the Rainbow

Photo by @Vishal
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