STREET HUNT Review in Mexico City by Frederik Trovatten

Frederik Trovatten takes STREET HUNT through the streets of Mexico City.

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My name is Frederik Trovatten. I’m a Danish street photographer living in Mexico City.
These are my thoughts on Eric’s and Cindy’s book, Street Hunt.

But before I go into it, I have to tell you how I got the book.

I have a background in Digital Marketing, and on a late night I browsed and found some minor things I’d do differently, from a marketing perspective, and I sent those suggestions to Eric and Cindy.

As a “thank you“, they told me I’d get a little surprise in the mail.

When I received I package was psyched, because I cynically expected the surprise to be marketing-merch like a T-shirt with Eric’s face on it or branded keychain or something along those lines.

But it wasn’t! It was a really neat book.

The book came in a little brown package and when I opened it I immediately felt how much effort Cindy and Eric has put into it.

The quality print, the excellent graphical illustrations and most importantly it feels like it was made by a passionate street photographer.

So what is Street Hunt?
It’s basically street photography challenges that will help you get out of the house and shoot. Street Hunt will take you from the woods to the streets, to coffee shops etc. And besides exploring a different kind of places to shoot, it also emphasizes the importance of shooting your everyday life, such as personal photography of your loved ones and your neighborhood.

The photos I’m going to share with you now, are from the “Public Transportation’ challenges, which is one of many challenges in the book. I this challenge because I haven’t really spent a lot of time photographing in the Mexico City Subway, so this would be a perfect time to do so.

Here are my best shots from the “Public Transportation” challenge

Street Photography by Frederik Trovattenstreet photography through window



My thoughts about Street Hunt

It’s a really well-executed product. And I’m very happy with how the photos turned out. It’s was fun going out with my camera and a mission.

And bear in mind, this was only the ‘Public Transportation’ challenge. Some of the challenges in the book are more appealing to me than others and that’s exactly how it should be.

Street Hunt is a book that forces you to take photos you wouldn’t usually take and a way to step a bit out of your comfort zone.

For the next version of Street Hunt, I’d add two challenges.

  1. Have someone take your photo. Close-up, candid & planned so you get familiar with the feeling you bring others.
  2. Take photographs through cars. These photos are one of my favorites and for some reason aren’t that common in the average street photography portfolio. Let me show you two of my favorites:

Frederik Trovatten Street Photographer Photography by trovatten

Lastly, I want to give a big thank you to Eric and Cindy for this generous gift.

I’ve been following Eric’s blog since I got into street photography about 6 months ago. As I mentioned in my post about buying my first camera, Eric Kim was the primary reason my first camera ended up being the Ricoh GR II. I saw his excitement about the Ricoh GR and it has been a perfect starter camera for me.

I’m @trovatten on Instagram and this year I’m doing 365 days of street photography.


Street Hunt Print Edition

>>> Street Hunt Print Edition in Haptic Shop (Ships Internationally)

>>> Street Hunt on Amazon

>>> Street Hunt Mobile Edition

>>> Street Hunt Mobile on Kindle

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Preview from STREET HUNT: photograph your loved ones