Would You Still Take Photos if Nobody Else Would Ever See Your Photos?

Dear friend,

A philosophical question: would you still take photos if you couldn’t share your photos with anybody else?


Obviously there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer here. But it is an interesting thought.

First of all, I think for myself, I still would. Why? I often like to photograph personal moments from my own life which I value and cherish, and I hope to re-visit these photos later on, to re-experience that happiness and joy.

green park

Secondly, I found that the act of making a photo actually helps me appreciate what is in front of me more! For example even photographing my food: I am blessing the food, and saying: “I am grateful to be able to eat you, delicious food, even though there are so many other people starving in the Earth.” Also when I photograph Cindy, I am saying to myself: “I am so grateful to have you in my life Cindy; that you are still alive, and that I’m still alive, and we can live this beautiful life together.”

Saigon nice colors

Thirdly, photography gives me more courage in my everyday life. If it weren’t for photography, I wouldn’t really have a reason/motive/impetus to talk to or interact with strangers. To me, photography (especially street photography) gives me the opportunity for me to exit my own bubble, and to open up my heart and souls to others.


Fourth, photography is a fun visual stimulus for myself. By looking at my own photos that are rich, colorful, vibrant, and interesting, I excite myself! I like to look at my own photos, because even looking at my photos puts a smile on my face! It is almost like appreciating the art of others; especially when I look at my older photos– photos I forgot that I shot!

For these simple reasons, I would still make photos even if nobody else would see them. Would you?


Photography Philosophy

Cindy with framed hands. Saigon, 2017

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