FREE ERIC KIM Lightroom Classic CC Workflow PDF Visualization

Dear friends,

I am super pumped to share this brand-new FREE Lightroom Classic CC Workflow PDF Visualization by ANNETTE KIM // from the HAPTIC team.



Here are my personal favorite Lightroom hotkeys:

  • E: Enlarge photo
  • Shift + Tab: Collapse Side Bars
  • P: Pick a photo you like
  • <- or -> : Scroll Left/Right on your photos (keyboard arrows)
  • F: Full screen
  • G: Gallery/Grid View
  • U: Unpick favorite photo
  • D: Develop
  • Command+A: Select all photos


Before starting, be sure to have all the required materials to be able to follow along the step by step instructions:

*Recommended file settings for photos: JPEG, medium size (unless you need very large images)

Once you have all the items listed above, you are ready to learn how to use Lightroom Classic CC easily and efficiently like a pro!

Importing your photos with preset

How to import your photos with a preset:

  1. Insert your SD CARD
  2. Open Lightroom Classic CC
  3. Click “Import…”

Picking your favorite photos

Finalize your picked photos

Export your picked photos

Commission your own visualize

Contact for your own custom visualization or design project.


More Lightroom resources

How I Edit my photos in Lightroom

Learn more how I edit my photos in Lightroom >

Contact Sheets

LAUGHING LADY by Eric Kim Contact Sheets from MASTERS
LAUGHING LADY by Eric Kim Contact Sheet

If you’re curious more about how to “work the scene” in street photography, download my full-resolution contact sheets for your own self-education and learning with the links below:


For your convenience, I have a selection of my contact sheets as a .ZIP file (very big at 2.5GB) available for you to download via Google Drive or Dropbox below:

All of these photos are open-source; meaning, feel free to print, distribute, remix, or share them with others.

Directory preview

Learn the importance of “working the scene”:

Which Photos Should I Keep or Ditch?

Contact Sheet Books:

Contact Sheet Articles:

Contact Sheets

0-contact cindy hat hanoi eric kim street photography hanoi-0002040 cindy project hat hanoi


(c) Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos. Contact sheet by Henri Cartier Bresson, from Magnum Contact Sheets
Robert Frank Elevator Girl Contact Sheet


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