Visualization: How to Overcome Your Fear of Photographing Strangers

A graphic visualization made by ANNETTE KIM on how you can conquer your fear of photographing strangers.

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Baby Steps: The fishing Technique


  1. Choose your scene
  2. Wait for your subject to enter your frame
  3. Snap your shot

Examples of Street photos with fishing technique

Elegance. Woman with umbrella. Seoul, 2009

Simple background. Tokyo

Get closer: The Video camera technique

People don’t care if you shoot a video, but they don’t like you shooting pictures in street photography.

The concept: pretend you’re recording a video, to get closer.

  1. Pretend to record a video

  2. Move closer to your subject

  3. Snap your shot

Pro tip: Do not move your camera down from your eye or check the photo on the screen  this will give your video camera technique away.

The video camera technique is probably the best way you can be invisible and stealth in street photography.

Asking permission: The social technique

Not all street photographs need to be candid. Asking for permission is a good way to overcome your fear of photographing strangers.

1. “May I make your portrait?”

  • “Make a portrait”: Artistic and sincere
  • “Take a photo”: Cheap and selfish

2. “What is your life story?”

  • Ask questions and connect with people in a positive way.
  • Thank and compliment your subjects for saying “Yes”

3. “Show me your power pose” / “Can you make my portrait next?”

  • Invite your subjects to be a part of the photo-making process.

Quick tips to conquer your fear of photographing strangers

Before shooting street photography, go over possible scenarios to mentally BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE:

Quick Tips:

  1. Be friendly and genuine
  2. Take photos of your subjects while they are speaking to capture candid and unposed pictures
  3. Take as many pictures as possible when shooting street photography. People often feel flattered by your request to take their picture, not burdened.
  4. Don’t hesitate asking people that you want to photograph them; you might never see them again.
  5. Ask people who you think they would say “No”. Surprisingly, few people actually decline and say “no” to your request to make a street portrait of them.

Final thoughts and tips: LESSONS FROM ERIC KIM

Some brief ideas to keep you motivated, inspired, and confident when shooting street photography:

  1. As a street photographer, you are not a thief; you are a VISUAL ARTIST.
  2. Know why you make photos, to confidently communicate why you want to make a portrait of your subjects.
  3. Get accustomed to the possibility of rejection– prepare yourself for the ‘worst-case scenario’. In reality, the worst-case scenario isn’t that bad.
  4. Try to take small risks every day, to experience new variations in life.
  5. Be like a kid and HAVE FUN!

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