HAPTIC: creative tools, you don’t lack it. Images, keep stacking it. Lighten your backpack for your creative output, you can’t make art without you.

With your camera, subtract false reality, and let’s dance together– you and me.

Feel the creative breeze. Creative ease. Pulsating music, don’t let anyone accuse you.

Stay strong even though others try to bruise you. Your creative destiny: you choose you.

STREET NOTES, FILM NOTES, PHOTO JOURNAL: the creative trifecta. Be creative anywhere, you don’t need to be in New York City TriBeCa. Don’t wait to be chosen; you elect you.

Peruse the streets with me, let’s shoot street photography together– let’s do it freely. Not meekly.

Let’s shoot with strength and grandeur, let our creative muse lure us down back streets. Don’t get distracted by money or Wall Street, all you need is a Ricoh GR and you will go far.

Disregard your car, better photography requires more walking. More talking with a photo friend, and restarting your photography everyday from scratch — begin again.

Only ever make photos for yourself, and a few others. Your creative spiritual brothers and sisters. Don’t whisper your photo secrets, share them openly and freely. The more you give, the more you will receive in return. The more you share, the more you will gain.

Even though your daily reality might be dark and stained, just add your creative grain. Keep pushing forward 100 miles an hour; your runaway train, and infinite brain.

Slay the procrastination dragon by making more art, and hitting publish. Publish your rubbish. Publish things you don’t think are great. Just make art that elates your mind and soul, and share it with the whole damn world.

HAPTIC: your creative mind, you are infinite; keep making art. You lack nothing. So keep winning, and spinning your creative wheels in your mind.

You got this, your creative soul sublime.