When In Doubt, Uninstall Or Get Rid Of It.

A simple way to become more minimalist.

For example, with applications on your phone or your laptop, when in doubt, just uninstall or delete it. Same thing goes with files hogging up your desktop: when in doubt, just delete it.

Another analogy with food: when in doubt, throw it away. If you think it’s gone bad, it probably has. And also, the risk of a stomach infection, or food poisoning is not worth it. Even if the food item has a 5% risk giving you food poisoning, or even a 1% risk of chance it will give you food poisoning, just throw it away. You’re rich enough.

With design, when in doubt, subtract it. Why make things more simple? Because, the simpler you make things, the more focus you can make it, and the stronger you can make it. Simplicity as a means to strengthening.

For example, the best car designs are the most clean, with the most amount of superfluous elements subtracted. For example, shaving off your emblems, getting rid of your spoiler, and getting rid of superfluous designed flourishes on your car.

When it comes to modifying your car, rather than figure out what components to add to your car, figure out what components to remove from the car. For example, if you really want to make your car faster, get rid of the rear seats, and do car lightening by getting rid of sound dampening equipment in your car, and also other things that you don’t need. Get rid of power steering, get rid of the air conditioner, even get rid of the radio. The practical benefit of carbon fiber is that it makes your car lighter. Also, get lighter rims and wheels.

When it comes to traveling, or going on a trip, when in doubt, get rid of it from your bag. The more ultralight you can make your bag, the better.

Even when it comes to your phone or your laptop, do not strive to get the thing with the most power, but the one with the least amount of thickness, and the least amount of weight. For example, the best phone is iPhone mini, and the best laptop is a MacBook Air. Don’t get tricked or suckered by the pro editions.

Even when it comes to fitness, if you want to look more attractive and improve your body composition, it is actually more effective to lose body fat then add muscle mass. Somebody with less muscle mass but less body fat will look more sexy than a guy with more muscle mass but more fat. In other words, it is better to weigh 160 pounds with 5% body fat, then be 200 pounds with 20% body fat.

If you’re going to move houses, and when you’re packing up your stuff, when in doubt get rid of it. Moving houses is a good way to become more minimalist, to get rid of the things which are not really essential. Either sell it online for cheap, sell it on eBay with a starting bid was $.99 and let the market take care of it, or just give it away to friends and family who you think will appreciate it. Also in extreme moments, you can just throw in the trash or just put it all in a big plastic bag and drop it off to Goodwill.

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