Ultralight Design

Which designs are the best? The lightest ones.

For example, even with website design, the website that is the lightest in terms of code, and the smallest file size is best. Loads quicker, and has less bloat. The enemy of modern technological design is bloatware. This is why I am very anti-Samsung, because it packages the phone with so much bloatware which is unnecessary. And if you have ever felt stomach bloating, we know that bloating is bad.

Also with traveling and packing for a trip, when in doubt, leave the heavy stuff at home.

Once again, with laptops, phones, camera, always optimize for lightness. Better to have something that is lighter and less powerful than something which is heavier and more powerful.

Or in other words, better to have a McLaren or a Mazda Miata, instead of a heavy muscle car even if it has 1000 hp.

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