iPhone as a Laptop Replacement?

I love my laptop to death, and truth be told I’m the most productive on the laptop. I could type over 140 words per minute, which is the most effective form of information transfer I know.

However nowadays, I’m trying to walk 30,000 steps a day and also trying to spend more time outdoors for my health, I’ve actually been very productive from my iPhone. The biggest productivity hack is using the iPhone voice dictate to write things, like this.

One thing I’ve discovered is that iPad is not a laptop replacement, nor should it be. iPad is very good to use the procreate app, to make designs, illustrations, and also to look at your photos. For example, the ultimate digital photo looking experience is looking at your photos through an iPad Pro, instead of printed or on your laptop.

Also, when traveling or on the road, it is good to travel light with an iPad instead of bringing a laptop, if your goal is to save weight, and travel ultralight.

How I’m productive on iPhone

I disable all my notifications, besides the phone call and FaceTime app. Therefore if Cindy needs to contact me, she can. Also, I don’t use text messaging.

Also, I blog, write, and send email newsletters directly from my phone. To write I do it either directly via Safari or via iA Writer in markdown.

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