Health, Not “Happiness” or Productivity

If you focus on your health, everything will follow.

Never force yourself to work, or be productive, at the sake of your health. Instead, if you’re tired just take a nap. The most virtuous and industrious thing you could do is optimize for your sleep, instead of everything else. Forcing yourself to sleep early, in forcing yourself not to look at any devices after dinner time takes more skill and industry than waking up early.

When you wake up early, and you’re not sure what do you get should start your day, or strive to force yourself to sleep more, try to force yourself to sleep more.

If you’re tired, don’t drink coffee

An interesting irony, coffee should never be drunk when you’re tired. On the contrary, only drink coffee when you feel alive.

If you’re tired, force yourself to take a nap.

Quit your job, or change your job

If your job, or industry or some thing causes you to sleep poorly, or if you’re constantly overworked, quit your job and industry. Better to take a 90% pay cut for the sake of your Health, than the reverse.

To sacrifice your health for the sake of productivity and more money, and more capital, is a slave choice and decision.

Don’t take the redeye flight

Similarly speaking, always better to fly in the afternoon than the early morning. Even saving a few hundred bucks isn’t worth losing one night of sleep.

What is money good for?

It seems that money is best used for the sake of your health. For example, using your money to buy a gym membership or exercise equipment, or living in a place with peace and quiet, good natural light, and living in a place with good air quality.

Also using your money to optimize your sleep set up. Whether it be your mattress, blankets and sheets, eye mask, or your ear plugs.

Is FOMO hurting your Health?

Never let the fear of missing out be at the detriment of your health. Always listen to your Health and body above everything else. Everything else can wait.

Would you rather be the worlds richest man with the worst health, or poor with the best health?

I would never want to be a warren Buffett, just look at how poor his health and physique is. Rather, I would choose to be a spartan 300, poor, with an ascetic lifestyle, but in superior and supreme health.

When in doubt, optimize for health. Even at the expense of being wasteful, extravagant, and being a spendthrift.

Also this is another case of buying grass fed meat, and pasture raised eggs. higher nutritional value, and higher nutritional density, probably means more strength and vigor for your health.

What are the best clothes, car, and devices for your Health?

Perhaps the best clothing is athleisure clothing, that is at any given notice you could work out, stretch, do yoga, or lift weights. In praise of wearing leggings and tights and athletic shorts. any clothing which restricts your movement or running is bad.

Also the best shoes are the ones that allow for maximum movement, mobility, and even weight lifting.