Why is RICOH GR III the best camera of all time? The most compact, simple, and powerful performing camera on the market.

How RICOH jumped over LEICA

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  • Ricoh gr iii

RICOH is the new Leica. What Leica was in the past (the innovative Leica M rangefinder from the days of Henri Cartier Bresson) were predicated on —

The smallest, most unobtrusive and compact camera to stealthily shoot street photography.

Why do people go bigger?

I think it goes from the biological past:

Typically that which was bigger was stronger, more powerful, and more advantageous from a genetic perspective.

For example, if you were a woman seeking the ideal mate to protect your children, would you prefer the 6 foot muscular man, or the 5 foot (emaciated) man? Of course the bigger more muscular man!

We would prefer a Hercules.

How today is different.

In today’s world, that which is more compact is more superior.

For example, the smaller and more luxury the home, the better. In praise of tiny luxury apartments.

With phones, the smallest iPhone is the best. iPhone Mini as the best iPhone.

Our aesthetic ideal:

Smaller footprint, but more powerful and more muscular.

For example, the appeal of the Tesla Model Y (only marginally bigger than the Tesla Model 3, but appears bigger and more muscular).

Or note the growing ‘compact SUV’ class, or the ‘crossover’ segment in cars. Or note the great design of the new Hyundai Genesis GV70. Or the Infiniti QX55 ‘crossover coupe’.