More Muscular in a Smaller Footprint

A design thought:

Perhaps the interesting design aesthetic and trend is to make things more powerful and muscular, but in a smaller radius or footprint.

For example, this new breed of “crossover” or “compact SUV” cars. The Tesla Model Y, the Mercedes “coupe” SUV, similar offerings from Porsche (Macan), and BMW.

With devices like the iPhone Pro — the question:

How can we make this thing as powerful and strong as possible but in the smallest possible size and footprint?

iPhone Pro (smaller size) as probably the upper limit. And with human bodies, to become more muscular, without adding unnecessary body fat or size.

A Lamborghini SUV?

The never ending quest to make things bigger seems foolish. Better to retain the same small footprint, but just make things more powerful, capable, quality, and strong.

Even with homes — less square footage is almost always better, but to make things “more quality / luxury” is good — like bigger floor to ceiling windows (maximizing natural light), improving noise sound and temperature insulation, higher end appliances and countertops and back tile splashes, higher quality kitchen islands, better toilet, etc.

One handed keyboard on iPhone

A good innovation — easier to use phone with one hand, especially when you have a kid (everything one handed with a child is good).

Strength and power over size.

Bigger is often worse. Why the obsession for the big? Because in the past, bigness was a mental shortcut for strength. A bigger bill was probably stronger, and a bigger man was also probably more powerful. But the irony — often the biggest guys at the gym (huge upper bodies with tiny chicken legs) can’t even deadlift 4 plates or squat 3 plates. I’m always surprised that the strongest guys at the gym don’t look or seem like the strongest guys at the gym. Same goes with rich people — the truly rich are super low key (all drive Subaru cars, or maybe Priuses or Tesla’s)— the “wannabe rich” are the ones driving around in the flashy Mercedes or BMW’s.

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