What do we aspire to? Simple — augmenting, improving and raising our visual and artistic acuity to photography.

But how does one do that? Some ideas:

1. Every opportunity is a photo opportunity

iPhone Mini Noir

First of all, ditch all the expectations in photography for genre, consistency and specialization. By trapping yourself into a reductive category, you lose your photographic optionality (the more options you got in photography and life, the better).

2. You are the visionary

Vision means to see (video in Latin). Thus do not worry too much about you having to only shoot insanely innovative or unusual photos or compositions. Ordinary photos are fine!

3. Cross pollinate design and photography

Designers make great photographers and vice versa. I’m also passionate about design, and I transfer and “cross pollinate” my design ideals and aesthetic ethos into my photography (my love and passion for simplicity, minimalism, and monochrome).

4. The details.

RICOH GR III in macro mode as utterly epic.