Optimal simplicity

Optimal Simplicity

For a long time, I always thought minimalism was the goal. Now I’m starting to realize that minimalism ain’t the goal, and it is a trap. Too many of us millenials fall victim to the “minimalism for minimalism sake” or “minimalism as a form of elite virtue-signaling”.

What the true goal is optimal simplicity. To choose the option(s) in life which are maximally simple and easy for you, in order to augment what you truly care for in your life, whether it be arts creation, creativity, time with friends and family, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.

Choose the simpler and easier option

There seems to be some sort of chase to differentiate and distinguish ourselves by overly complicating ourselves. For example we strive to use the most complicated and complex technical settings in our cameras to try to distinguish our photography, we strive to have the most complex and fancy car to flex, and even with working out we tend to think that the more complicated your workout planning is, the better.

Simplify your lifestyle choices

Even with most lifestyle choices … the simplest course tends to be best. For example with cooking, stick to simple recipes or meals which are easy and quick to cook, and delicious.

Easier technology

Even something I’ve found for myself which is quite random yet interesting to me:

I ultimately find having to use Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth speakers more hassle than it is worth, and typically just playing music directly off my laptop speakers or my iPad speakers is best.

Even with Apple AirPods — you always gotta keep them closeby. However saying that, the Apple AirPods are probably the most successful music device at the moment because it is the easiest bluetooth or wireless headphones that syncs very easily with your iPhone or any Apple device.

Easier and simpler blogging?

Perhaps instead of a self hosted blog (bluehost.com and WordPress.org) a simpler setup option is superior for most people. This means just making a blog on WordPress.com

Simpler design

Apple is king in UI-UX not because they have the most “minimalist” design, but because they have the simplest design. For example, I typically call it the “mom” test:

If the technology is simple enough for your mom to use, it is good.

However if it is too complicated and complex for your mom (Android and most Google products), it is bad.

Simple (and wise) ideas tend to stick better.

Why are quotes and aphorisms so sticky? Because typically things and ideas which are simple and short are easier to remember. Better to give advice and share ideas which is simple (and actually gets remembered and integrated) than a complicated idea which is forgotten.

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