Photo Assignment: CLOTH


New photo thoughts for you

  1. The Value of Photos
  2. How to Discover Beauty in the Mundane as a Photographer

Your photo assignment: CLOTH

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In order to raise our ‘photographic optionality‘, we must harness every moment and chance and opportunity we have to make images.

The basic photo assignment concept:

Photograph cloth (in your home).

Cloth as in your blankets, comforters, towels, rags, or any piece of linen hanging around your home. Leonardo da Vinci was actually obsessed with painting and rendering cloth– folding drapery. Perhaps this can also be our new obsession as photographers.

With your (1) best cloth photo, upload it to for honest feedback and critique from the community.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

Artistic ideas

  1. How to Be Artistic Throughout the Pandemic

Create like today were your last.

Unfortunately, this COVID thing ain’t going away anytime soon. While there are many things which are temporary in life, the effects of COVID aren’t going away anytime soon. This means:

Given my unfavorable circumstances in life right now, how can I still create?

I say:

  1. Blog, write, and create poetry. Share to your own personal blog.
  2. Shoot more digital photos. Yes, digital photography is as legitimate as film photography.
  3. Make calligraphy at home! Use the Zen Brush 2 or Zen Brush 3 app on your iPhone or iPad, and just make fun scribbles for yourself! In fact, I think there is an interesting link between calligraphy and black and white photography.

And to keep yourself inspired and motivated:

Never stop cross-pollinating creative and artistic ideas.

Consume all forms of artistic inspiration, and use that visual honey to create your own unique creative art works!


Introducing the Photographer’s Wallet

Dear friends,

I am super pumped to share with you the introduction of our newest product — The Photographer’s Wallet. The general gist of the wallet is this:

If I could have created, designed, and tested my own ideal wallet (which mixes function and form for us photographers), what would it look like?

The answer is The Photographer’s Wallet— user-tested (by myself) over the last 5 years.

You can see more photos of The Photographer’s Wallet here >

The Story Behind the Photographer’s Wallet

  • The Photographers Wallet by ERIC KIM

One of the most challenging things about photography is having the motivation and security to shoot photos. This is why I designed The Photographer’s Wallet the way I did — I wanted to always have backup SD cards (just in case) I ran out of storage space on my SD card, or if an SD card became corrupted on me while shooting.

I have had at least 2 instances over the last year where I ran out of storage space on my Ricoh GR III and SD card, and I am so grateful I had my Photographer’s Wallet on me while out shooting, which allowed me to quickly swap out a new SD card. Similarly speaking, I have had at least 3 times where I had corrupted SD cards on the Ricoh GR III, which I was also able to replace an SD card at the last minute.

If you want to have the confidence and security that knowing that you will never miss another decisive moment again (due to faulty SD cards), The Photographer’s Wallet is my creation for you.

Just a great wallet.

photographer's wallet proportions

I have this weird thing where I only like to own one of everything. One t-shirt ( merino wool black shirt), one pair of pants (black merino wool leggings), one pair of shoes, one camera (RICOH GR III), etc. I only aspire to own one wallet.

The Photographer’s Wallet has been my everyday carry for the last 3 years, and I can personally attest that it has been both extremely functional and beautifully aesthetic. Just looking at the design (bold crimson red stitching against the onyx black leather) inspires confidence, and brings me joy.

  1. Learn more about The Photographer’s Wallet >
  2. Pre-order The Photographer’s Wallet in HAPTIC SHOP >