What makes art so great? The fact that it is open to all; regardless of age, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender/sex, etc. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

This is the great thought:

Regardless of what position you are currently in life, you always have the opportunities and tools to make art.

In praise of digital arts-creation. No need for anything besides your iPhone, iPad, or digital camera to make great art!

Ideas of things you can create:

  1. Videos (films, movies, shorts) with digital camera, iPhone, or whatever tool you got on hand. 1080p, and experiment with 24fps for the cinematic feel.
  2. Poetry: This anyone can really do anywhere. Just type out a poem on your phone or a piece of paper. Go with an internal rhythm or flow. And don’t worry about how ‘good’ it is — just try to make it as raw and direct as possible.
  3. Photography: My primary interest. Digital photography as legitimate as film photography, and perhaps even superior in certain ways.
  4. Calligraphy: Zen Brush 2 or 3 app on iPhone/iPad.
  5. Abstract art work: Or tracing, using iPad and Procreate, or even iPhone and Procreate app. What is interesting about abstract art– anyone can do it (especially children). Ironically as children, the art we do is mostly abstract but as we get older we get taught that ‘photo-realistic’ paintings and drawings are superior. Then when we see truly genius artists (Matisse, Pollock, Piet Mondrian, etc) advance in their art work, their work ‘devolves’ from photo-realistic paintings to more abstract works (note Matisse and his most prominent and later work were his ‘cut-out’ compositions).