Digital photography

In Praise of Digital Photography

It seems the art (photo) world sneers at digital photography, and somehow puts film photography on a pedestal. But what if digital photography (given COVID) is the only reasonable and logical step forward? And what would it take for us to rate digital photography as artistically and aesthetically *equivalent* to film photography, or perhaps even *superior*?

Electric cars over gasoline cars

I currently have a $800 2003 Subaru Outback Wagon, 5 speed. It seems that in general, we romanticize the past, the retro, the vintage. Thus the appeal of a (stick shift) Porsche 911 turbo over a modern day Tesla Model S. But what if this romanticism of the past and the retro were a vice?

I’m starting to think and believe:

Our obsession with stick shift and manual transmission cars — more of a romantic retro ideal, rather than a *superior* option.

I’m quite convinced the next car I will buy will be some used Tesla car — whether a used Model S or something like that (can be bought for only $25k!).

Why digital photography?

In today’s COVID world, it’s already hard enough to get out of the house, let alone make photos. Digital photography as the path of least resistance to photography, and artistic photographic optionality.

Anything which can ease and stream the photographic process more, the better!

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