How to Still Create in Unfavorable Circumstances

If COVID has taught us anything, conditions are no longer ideal (far from it, conditions are quite shitty).

But irregardless of this, how can we still create in the midst of the most unfavorable conditions we’ve ever experienced?

Things will never go back to the way “things used to be”.

Something I’m certain of:

The social economic and societal changes and implications of COVID will never go away.

Even assuming a vaccine is made and easily accessible to all, there will still be “anti vaccers” who will refuse to get vaccinated. Thus most “intelligent” (or left liberals) will all continue to wear face masks in public into perpetuity. Just like Tokyo or Korea before the pandemic; almost everyone would wear face masks in crowded public spaces, especially in the subway or during winter.

Arts creation in a pandemic world

More art work made from home— home photography, digital arts. Personally I love Zen Brush 2 for calligraphy and Procreate for iPad and iPhone.

Towards a more democratic notion of art.

Art for all. No pretension and snobbery in art. You create art as your own life force and form of self expression and being. No more gallery art notions— instead, digital art works which thrive in your palm or online.