10,000 blog posts

Reflections After 10,000+ Blog Posts

I don’t think I can say I’m the best blogger, but I can certainly say I’m the most productive and prolific blogger. I don’t know anyone else who has written as much as I have, in the course of a decade.

As I’ve eclipsed the 10,000 blog post mark (your first 10,000 blog posts are your worst), some reflections:

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings

10,000 blog posts

To never stop blogging until I die.

2,600 blog post ideas in draft mode

I’ve got around 10,000 published blog posts, but around 2,500 blog posts in draft mode. Which means I’m a prolific thinker with lots of ideas.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually don’t publish *all* of my ideas and thoughts.

If I got 10,000 posts published but 2,500 ideas in draft mode, about a third of my blog posts ideas don’t actually get published. But how do I know what to blog about and what *not* to blog about?

If I have the urge to write it, I write it

Throughout the course of the day, I have lots of thoughts and ideas. Whenever I get these “fugitive thoughts”, I write them down digitally in Apple Notes, or iA writer. Or I’ll open up a new tab for “Add new post” in WordPress (this blog), and I’ll save the idea as a draft. If the idea is immediately compelling to me, I’ll start writing it. If not, I’ll let it sit and marinate for a while. Sometimes I revisit my draft mode post ideas, and if any of them are still interesting to me in a day or two, I’ll write on them.

There is no such thing as “good” writing or “bad” writing

For me, it’s all about whether the ideas are interesting or not. I feel the only cardinal sin as a writer or blogger is to be boring. As long as one doesn’t write boring stuff, I think all writing is good.

If poetry and rap music has taught us anything, grammar and proper spelling and diction is overrated. And I’m also sure that if Shakespeare was in school today, he would get very low marks for his “bad” English skills. Consider all the new words, phrases, idioms, metaphors, similes, and modes of writing which have yet been innovated or created!

Can’t stop won’t stop!

The name of the game of blogging and all creative pursuits in life:

Never stop until you die!


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