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Propaganda 101

What is propaganda? It is simple:

To propagate (send forth) a message.

Propago‘ in Latin: to extend, enlarge, or increase. From proto-indo-european ‘pegh‘ which literally means “to attach”.

Thus if we think about Propaganda in a modern sense– it is just attaching a certain message to a certain medium (let us say a blog post, a movie, a film, a photo, image, whatever) and to send it forth, to have the idea or concept augment itself, grow, and extend, or increase itself.

How and why do governments do propaganda?

Governments, people organizations etc need to propagate a certain message and disseminate it to the masses. Some thoughts on how to effectively administer propaganda >

How to Effectively Administer Propaganda


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  8. Race ain’t Real; Morphology is.
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