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When we talk about racism, I think we mean to talk about “morphologyism”; the notion that certain morphological traits are superior to others.

What is “morphology”?

Morphology: the study and observation of certain morphological (morph, shape) of humans. The morphology of a human involves facial structure, skin pigment, etc.

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For example, I’m or Korean descent, which means my morphology is different than someone from Northern Sweden, or Sub Saharan Africa.

how google knows I’m Korean

Facial mapping

How do we see other humans? Combination of seeing the proportions of another’s face.

Why does this matter?

In group vs out group?

From a practical perspective, it seems like it makes logical sense that back in the day (when humans were more tribal), we put more faith and trust in our own tribe (people who looked more similar to us) than others (other people who look different to us could potentially be a threat).

Regional differences

Let us consider South Korea. We descended from Mongols, and the migration patterns seem logical.

Fear of being attacked by others?

Also, is there some sort of preference to procreate with others who look more similar to us than different to us?

Why am I most attracted to Asian women?

Is it skin tone?

Why judge people on how they look?


Ascribing goodness or badness to someone, based on their facial and bodily morphology.

Lesson: Do not judge someone’s moral character or intelligence by their morphological features.