American is an Attitude

My thought:

Being American goes BEYOND nationality and borders.

American is an attitude — open to all.

Pledge allegiance to yourself

Open Mind vs Closed Mind

I’ve been philosophizing a lot on what it means to be American. Some thoughts thus far:

  1. Better to think of an “American race” that goes BEYOND facial morphology, skin tone, etc.
  2. America is a nation. Thus perhaps better to think about nationalism over racism. To be “pro nation” is better than to be “pro race”.

But a better thought:

What if being American could be an attitude? This means being “American” is open to all.

ERIC KIM Critique of Race

American culture and media

I meet kids in Saigon, Vietnam who grew up listening to Eminem. I’ve met friends from Indonesia who grew up to Michael Jordan and the NBA. Name one kid internationally who hasn’t watched Transformers or a Marvel movie.

Being American is an attitude, an ethos. Individualism. Creativity. Aberrant thinking. Free spirited. Free thinking, free flowing. Entrepreneurial. Hustler. We can do it all; no excuses.



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