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All is Biased.

What is ‘bias‘? Bias means ‘slant’ (oblique). This means:

Everyone’s opinion will ALWAYS have a slant, no matter what.

Or in other words:

Philosophically, all humans, corporations, institutions, governments, etc will ALWAYS have a bias.

Thus the question:

Should we as a society ‘allow’ bias, or how should we approach or attack it?

So my thought:

Perhaps we should just be more TRANSPARENT about bias.

For example:

Transparency and bias

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Let me give you a good example:

If you are Google (Search Engine Optimization, aka ‘SEO’) or FaceGram (Facebook owns Instagram) you have control and power over the ‘news feed‘ algorithm distribution, then you obviously have a very strong SLANT (bias) towards a certain direction.

Now certainly this is fine from a business perspective. Google, FacebookGram, Twitter aren’t governments. They do not need to be “fair” nor do they need to allow “freedom of speech”. Most people are quite uninformed. Many people assert their “freedom of speech” or “freedom of expression” by posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube (owned by Google). But this is a bit naive, as once again … these platforms are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS which aren’t required (by law) to allow “freedom of speech”. Nor do they technically (from a business perspective) NEED to be “unbiased”.

In other words:

To think the news or people or institutions or governments are ‘unbiased’ is false.

Just make the bias (slant) more apparent

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I have a simple proposal:

For businesses (which have a HUUUUUGE influence in the world, especially politically, economically and globally) to become MORE TRANSPARENT about their un-bias.

This means:

  1. Do not let the personal vendettas of private individuals sully and alter politics.
  2. For corporations (GoogleTube, FacebookGram, Twitter, etc) to be more TRANSPARENT how and why their algorithms have a certain slant and angle.
  3. For private individuals sharing their opinion, for them to be more transparent about their personal motives, conflicts of interest, etc.



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