Conflicts of Interest

Who to trust and who not to trust? Simple filter:

Follow the money, and see where the interest of others lie.


Conflict of Interest
Conflicts of Interest

Follow the money

Follow the money and advertising. For example if you’re a powerlifter and you are listening to the advice of someone about deadlift form … would you trust him or her if their living were selling powerlifting belts? I wouldn’t. This is why I don’t use straps or any belts when deadlifting.

Who is funding the film?

For example the recent Vegan movie (Game changers). It is funded by the guy who made Titanic — and thus dude owns a vegan protein powder company. He is also best friends with Arnold S. So… don’t trust the opinion of Arnold (who I feel is quite disingenuous).

How should we reveal our conflicts of interest?

Why trust ERIC KIM when it comes to diet, fitness and working out? You can’t … but I have zero conflicts of interest. I make my living from photography workshops, not food, diet and nutrition. Thus while I’m not fully credible, at least you know I don’t got any conflicts of interests in my opinions there. Better to be suspicious of my opinions on photography, as this is how I make my living and money.

Trust those who don’t need money

I’m rich. I don’t need more money. I got enough money to last me 5 life times. I just work for money now more for fun … charging money as a game, and also putting skin in the game for those who attend my workshops and buy my products, etc.

Where have all the free thinkers gone?

Modern society is anti free thinking. Modern society wants us to be mediocre and generic. Thus to think different in today’s world is truly an act of courage.