My personal philosophy on food, diet, nutrition:

No ethics and morality when it comes to food

Better to think physiology, physiological strength. Muscular growth.

What can maximize our strength and power?

This is the most important question. Not morals or ethics or what is ‘good for the planet’.

What is diet?

Diet: from Ancient Greek ‘diaita‘ which means mode of life, way of living, lifestyle. Also refers to food, sustenance.

Further back means ‘diaitao‘, which means “I treat, I handle’, or “how I live my life”.

Thus your diet is just how you live your life.

Not just food

Essentially more it is all about:

How do you wanna live your life?

For me, intermittent fasting. Abstaining from alcohol, weed, drugs, and eating during the day. In terms of food consumption, much meat (I aim for 3-5 pounds of meat a night), and lots of bitter greens (kale, collard greens) and fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut).

  • ERIC KIM meat flesh
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