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Why I Don’t Use Steroids, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Protein Powder, Creatine, or Any Supplements

My regimen is uber-simple:

  1. Intermittent fast during the day (no breakfast and lunch)
  2. Lift weighs while fasting (yes, even powerlifting)
  3. When the sun goes down (dinner time), I break my fast and eat a shitload of meat.

No protein powder, no steroids, no testosterone, no creatine, no ‘pre-workout’ stuff, no energy drinks, no protein powder, no creatine. The only stimulants I consume are black coffee, 100% cocoa powder, matcha green tea.

Why? Let me explain:

1. I like my balls

If you take human growth hormone, testosterone (injection or oral tablet form), steroids (anabolic, etc) your balls will shrink. Why? Your body no longer has a need to produce testosterone on its own. Your balls literally shrink!

2. I’m cheap


I don’t like to spend money. I just spend all my money on cheap industrial meat (99 cents a pound for pork, and steak and beef for the cheapest I can find.. whether ground beef for $2.99 a pound or steak for $4.99 a pound).

And think about it:

All the money you can spend on protein powder and strange supplements… why not just direct that money towards buying yourself more meat and steak?


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