selfie red cyan ERIC KIM

How to Improve Your Mood

Mostly ‘via negativa‘ stuff (things to NOT do, or things to SUBTRACT from your life):

a. Things to NOT do:

  1. Don’t eat during the day (intermittent fasting in the day). No breakfast and lunch. Break your fast with a huuuuuuge meal with tons of meat.
  2. Don’t use social media. Best to just delete Instagram. Don’t use Twitter. Don’t follow any news.
  3. Cut toxic people from your life. One toxic person can offset 100000 positive person. One red sweater in the wash can stain all of your other 1,000 white shirts.
  4. Don’t use email.
  5. Get rid of your phone.

b. Things *TO* do:

  1. Lift weights. Walk to the park. Throw around a heavy stone.
  2. Chat with strangers.
  3. Standing desk